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 Inventing is one of my passions, I've been doing it
  ever since I can remember. I've always enjoyed
  being able to think of some useful and some not so
  usefull ideas, turning them into something I could
  hold in my hand and prove my crazy theories
  right or wrong.

 Inventors, successful or not were always high on
  my list of people I looked up to. To me they made
  the world that I was living in. It was because of
  them I was able to pick up the telephone and speak
  to loved ones miles away. Get into a car and drive
  to the next town over. There are so many inventions   that we all take for granted that without them the   world would be a very different place. They continue   to inspire me.
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  Comfort Grip Bucket HandleŠ  
     Patented new design. This is a simple item to make your hands happier. Adds safety, comfort and stability to those familiar 5 gallon buckets that so many of us use today. Loads of marketing potential. Currently looking for licensee. Low cost manufacturing. Great product for home improvement stores as well as mail order. Please contact us for or more details.
Patent #6,405,409
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  The Knork  
     Revolutionizing over 1000 years of fine dining.
The Knork is a simple, single utensil that functions as a knife and fork together as one. Its innovative shape has a balanced handle that provides stability and comfort. This design enables you to more easily cut food by using a rocking motion on the gently curved outside tines.
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  The Foot Flush  
     The Foot Flush is a hands free way to flush the toilet; just step on the pedal and eliminate bending, reaching and GERMS. Kids love it to.
Easy to install, no plumber required.
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  The Beer Gauge  
     Is your bartender sloppy, cavalier or imprecise when pouring your favorite micro-brew, or is he just trying to increase his profit margin?

     Lights toilet bowl at night when the toilet seat is raised
and goes off when the toilet seat goes down. Aids in children's toilet
training. Reminds us to put the toilet seat down. Eliminates annoying
"fall-ins". Green Light - Easy on the eyes. Sanitary position - out of harm's way. Easy installation - no tools needed. DURACELL batteries included. Made in the U.S.A. Order yours today...
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  Optically Animated Artwork       
     These little gems come to life and animate continuosly right before
your eyes. Never needs batteries and are some of the coolest
things around. Great gift ideas. Click the image to see many more.
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  "It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things"... Leonardo da Vinci  
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