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   The Knork looks funny, but will cut your food quite nicely. Safe to use; no sharp edges to cut yourself on. Ideal for single-handed individuals as well as anyone with limited dexterity.

   The Knork is a rocker knife and fork combination that allows you to cut your food with only one utensil. Cut through pizza, chicken, pork chops and even steak with only one hand.

   Constructed of 100% forged stainless steel, the Knork blends in with your other silverware. This unique utensil features outer beveled tines that are curved, yet safe for older adults and children to use as it has no sharp edges. This one-handed design provides highly effective cutting by simply 'rocking' the Knork through your food.

   The Knork has a larger contoured handle and is slightly heavier for added stability. The 'finger platform' in the middle of the utensil gives you a place to comfortably rest your finger on, offering additional leverage to rock the utensil to cut your food.


video clip

video clip

        Benifits Include:

  Knork is convenient in everyday dining situations, graces the table with elegance and  functionality. Knork will become your everyday utensil. It is also easier for a child and the elderly to  use than a regular fork and knife

    Affordable, stylish quality place settings that are functional, comfortable, durable and attractive.

    KNORK’s distinctive styling, and all manufactured from the 18/10 forged stainless steel (18%  chromium ensures durability, 10% nickel provides superior luster), hand formed from a single bar of  the highest quality stainless steel available. Glossy finish.

  Knork 4 Pack
Knork 4 Pack
5 Piece Setting Glossy
Knork 5 Piece Set $19.99
Knork 20 Piece Set (4 five piece settings)Glossy
Knork 20 Piece Set $77.99

  "The value of an idea lies in the using of it."...Thomas Alva Edison  
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