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New Patented Invention, Seeking Manufacture / Licensee. Patent Number #6,405,409
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   What is it ?

It's a comfort handle for utiltiy buckets like the type you can buy at home centers. It provides a
comforable and safe grip. These buckets are used by countless tradesman and women all over
world. They carry tools and supplies around the yard and job sites. Great for carrying garden,
fishing, cleaning supplies, car care products. the list is endless.

   Why do I need one ?

Because if you are like me, you'll appreciate and inexpensive reusable device that truly
works and serves a purpose. That purpose is making that heavy awkward bucket filled with
your essentalsmore comfortable to carry around.

   How does is work ?

This device will easily attach over the wire bail of most buckets. It will work with or without the
plastic tube they call a handle. The prototypes are made from wood in two halves which are
connected by a small hinge and held shut by two oposing magnets. There is an internal channel
where the wire bale and plastic tube resides. It will not rotate or slip back and forth.

   How can I get one ?

It's not availible in stores. I'm currently looking for potential licensee's for this handy invention.
I have a lot of valuable information which was obtained through several patent searches.
This inventioncould be easily manufactured. There are no moving parts. Could be molded from
plastics.Large profit potential. If interested please contact us.
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