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   The Beer Gauge

   Is your bartender sloppy, cavalier or imprecise when pouring your favorite micro-brew,
or is he just trying to increase his profit margin?

   When your local pubs say they are selling you a pint of beer, you should get a pint (i.e., 16 oz). Not 12 oz or even 14 oz, but 16 oz of beer. A "pint" is a standard U.S. liquid measure, or precisely 16 oz of liquid.

    As it turns out, the majority of the volume in a standard US pint glass is in the relatively small height in the top part of the glass. In fact, if a beer is poured to within about 1/2 inch from the top, 13% of the beer is GONE. If the beer is poured to about one inch from the top of the glass, an astonishing 25% of the beer is missing from your pint. This is shown visually below.

    At times it is difficult for us to perceive that the small height at the top of a pint glass can contain so large a portion of the beer's volume.

    A team of international scientists (and beer connoisseurs) have designed and developed a gauge to determine how much of the wonderful micro-brew is missing from your pint glass.

    They call this incredible patent-pending gauge, “The Piaget Beer Gauge” or “the Beer Gauge” for short. Piaget was a scientist in the 1800’s to 1900’s who studied the human inability to distinguish identical volumes in different sized containers.

   Made of durable plastic, with the size and feel of a credit card, it fits easily in your wallet.
Also great gift idea for the person who has everything.



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