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   The Foot Flush® is a hands free way to flush the toilet just step on the pedal Eliminate bending and reaching to flush the toilet by installing the Foot Flush®! Unless you have a bad back, you may not realize that flushing the toilet can be hard.

    However arthritis, carpal tunnel, MS and other medical issues can make this simple act a strain. With the Foot Flush®, you will not need to bend or twist at all. Just press down lightly on the pedal and the toilet will flush!

   The Foot Flush® retrofits to most existing tank style toilets with flappers. In just a few minutes, it will provide you with a way to flush that is hands free, easy to use and fun!
Flush the toilet with your foot, not with your hand, and avoid germs.
Easy to Install! No tools or plumber required. Tested to over 999,999 flushes!

   PLEASE NOTE: Due to hygienic reasons, once the product has been opened it is non-returnable.
This item ships in the non-retail packaging. It is a mailable box, not clear plastic.


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2004 – Gold Medal at INPEX (America’s largest invention trade show)

2006 - In the Top 16 Items at K/BIS (Kitchen/Bath Industry Show)

2006 – Providers Choice Award for Optimal Best Use of Technology at Medtrade

2006 – Editors Choice Award at IHMRS (International Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Show)

2007 - Silver Medal at ADEX (Awards for Design Excellence)

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