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The Cup Catcher© Is one handy little device. For those in the cycling business or those who work on bicycles will understand this invention. Allow me to explain. When removing external headset cups from the frame of a bicycle a special tool is required. The current industry standard tool for this is the Park® Headset Cup removal Tool (RT-1).

        The Cup Catcher© has a star nut that gets permanently installed into the removal tool, screw the Cup Catcher into the       tool, use tool as you would normally. As you hit the cup out The Cup Catcher© catches the cup.
     Unscrew The Cup Catcher© and remove the undamaged headset cup. Reinstall and use again. Use the slatwall hanger to      hang the tool with the others and for added convenience. Seeking Patent Protection.

     Click Here To See A Simple Animation.

  Catches headset cups.

  Acts as third hand.
  No more damaged headsets, makes for happy customers.
  No more dangerous flying objects.
  Simple installation.
  Professional results every time.
  Slat wall hanger for tool is available.

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The Cup Catcher
The Cup Catcher $14.99
Holder $6.99

           Use in conjunction with Park® headset removal tool (RT-1) purchased separately.
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